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Not your best week?

Well, it’s not mine either.

Before we go on: are you an artist (everyday art, not Moz-art)? If not, don’t read this post, it will bore you.

Any artist has to get a deep understanding of the world around. Observation is key.

Then, there must be execution. What’s the point of understanding the world if it is of no practical use?

The point I’m trying to make is that in understanding the world through your own eyes, your art will, perhaps slowly, grow more confident, as you’ll know yourself better (you’re part of the world, afterall), and you’ll be able to put to good use tools relevant to you only.

Your technique, your craft, your art… All of that is relevant to you only, and you are the only one to understand it well enough to make something out of it.

I never studied Bach’s mass in B minor to write my songs. His advice would be nice to hear, but totally irrelevant to me.

I never asked Pollock about his paintings, never asked Adams about his photos, never asked Steve Jobs about entrepreneurship.

Not only because I can’t, but because their art is theirs and mine… Is mine!

Ask yourself good questions, you’ll get good answers. Ask again.

You know how to answer all your questions.

Picasso said: “Computers are useless. All they can give is answers”.

Fun how he put it, as he was intensely fighting with uncertainty, which is, according to me, the most comfortable position.

Paradoxical? Not really.
Think about it: if you had no doubts but only virtues, would you make art?

That’s it for today about artmaking, which is not the same as art, nor craft.

Can you dig it? I hope you can!

What is something you always talk about, but never do?

What is something you always talk about, but never do?.

The answer is deceptively simple. If you ever had read one of my blog posts, you already know what it is…

It is…

Changing everything.

Now I question you: are you able to do this? If not, don’t question me.

6:17 am. Thoughts Pulled At Random

I have no clue what is happening behind the black curtain that forbids the city lights (yellowish bitches) to keep entering my room, but I know that like every saturday evening, it was about booze, hemp, lousy jokes, music, and having sex.

People still live by week vs. week-end? Whoa. Outdated, antiquated way of thinking and living. Every day is the same. What you make of it is the difference.

Humankind didn’t change much since the Romans. There are still orgies…

I wonder if I live in the same World as other human beings. Are they outer-space squids morphed into half-evolved neocortex bearers?

Even then… What about the 90% of our brains we don’t use?

“We don’t need everything at the same time” is a valid argument. There are highly specialized brain areas…

In an era of multitasking, (read: everything poorly done) do you still believe there’s a point to having highly specialized areas?

I’d better go with an overly resilient brain…

I wish mine was truly resilient, but to the shape it is supposed to have. Not to this mess I’ve got in the box.

Every occasion is good enough to rant about my brain being damaged beyond repair. Not only the wiring, the tissues also.

Am I missing some interesting noise (I hunt and sample them) by being deaf in one ear, due to a dead nerve? How can I know it?

Am I missing a carreer in Music due to my inability to focus more than two seconds? I forget everything, excepted what I can’t forgive. There is a lot to say about unforgiven people in my case.

When facing the issue of forgetting, I just feel like…Meh. I don’t want to push the envelope and do what had to be done. It’s already too late.

Too late. Two words that speak to me on high levels. We understand each other very well and worry about ourselves, but mainly, the world.

Where is it heading to? Really?
So much ants pissed at each other on a tennis ball (paint it blue, I know it’s yellow, thanks) makes absolutely no sense.

Competition makes no sense.
Greed makes no sense.

So what the fuck does make sense? Life.

Life is everything. Everything but competition and greed, and you know it.

So do I. That’s why I avoid those tentacles of evil.

Most of the population seem to base their lives on it. It is beyond comprehension for me. They’re racing to the slaughterhouse.

I don’t want to die old, but not too early either.
I’d like to be missed. Especially by people I never knew/met.

Macabre? No, I’m always like this when I need a good ol’ breakfast. Today’s one will be epic. Not as epic as some prog music, though.

I knew you noticed that I have a love-hate relationship with music. Especially with prog. I loved it in the 70’s.

Wait. I wasn’t born.

I love 70’s prog rock. Let’s leave it at that.

I love Opeth too. So much that people around go bonkers when I speak swedish and listen to their albums.

My cat is eating. Guess doing the same will keep me away from moblogging improvised stuff.

If you made it to here, kudos. You could teach Sun Tzu some Jedi mind tricks…

Where is the most relaxing place in your world?

Where is the most relaxing place in your world?

Without hesitation, the Icelandic inner wasteland. Its beauty is soothing, purifying.

Contrarily to popular beliefs, Iceland is not a cold country. Strasbourg, in France, has almost the same temperatures (or even below!)

What makes Iceland so particular is also the warmth of its inhabitants. It’s not another cliché, but a truth.

The language may be irritating for sensitive ears who’ll prefer latin languages. As a Swede, I feel at home even if “Ég tala íslensku ekki svo vel“!

Also, Iceland has NO nuclear power plant, but uses only natural resources. Geothermy is king!

Being vegan, ecologist and some kind of animal rights activist, I can only feel great there.

When it comes to my places of stay, I have found 101 Hotel in Reykjavik to be very suitable. Its unique design, so modern that it’s quite another world, the colors, the shapes, so organic…

Well, you get it, I love this place. Its spacious and comfy suites are also of an absolute beauty.

I sometimes choose less expensive stays, like rented old fisherman houses in Akureyri…