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I always hear people complain whine because Apple boasts 200 new features per new iOS update, and they can only find a dozen of them: the most visible ones.

I call this being lazy and not giving a flying fuck about the work behind.

Here’s the reason why people fail to understand and see improvements :

Apple does not only cater to individuals .

I attended a live seminar about mobile device deployment and management in businesses.

I realized that the most significant features are aimed at businesses (which mainly already have a mobile device management [MDM] system and their own business-specific apps)

This is where improvements are to be found. Huge effort has been put there to address businesses’ needs. I applaud Apple’s efforts. It is no easy task!

Next time you watch a keynote, or a WWDC conference, think about the big picture.

There is a position at Apple which is “Expert”. It works both for regular people and for businesses.

One more thing: The Software Development Kit (SDK) is always updated and contains more Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

So… There are really 200, if not more new features for each new iteration.

I hope that you learnt something useful.
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O blogger, where art thou?

Never thought I will write that but…

Apple screwed it all with iCloud and iOS5. Just have a look at the Apple community forums: it’s quite Wall Street!

Feel people seethe.

Every developer has to update to keep up with a promising ecosystem, which turns out to be a nightmare.

I can’t reblog either, and I wonder if it’s WP or Apple who’s getting in my way.

Afterall, it’s not so bad, I skipped two Daily Press topics totally irrelevant to me.

I rant, but it keeps me writing. That’s the point. Writing.

Write a story that ends with this sentence…

As I was really busy updating my army of iDevices to iOS5 (which is killer), I skipped my daily writing.

Actually, I wrote, but in Xcode… It is a geek’s thing.

Then I stumbled upon this entry prompting me to write something before this: (I don’t know what all those fancy words mean. Cool, I’ll look them up in the dictionary.)

Topic #277: Write a short story that ends with the following sentence: Having learned his lesson, it was the last time Dr. Jiggybones would let the crossbeams get out of skew on the treadle. It can be a short story of just a paragraph or two. … Read More

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