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Here are some of the most pertinent thoughts about the Web, collected weekly on Twitter.

“Stop building empires for Google and Facebook and Twitter. Your self-hosted blog is your power.”

“As fond as I am of the Internet, I think it makes a pretty second-rate religion. Same is true with fine art.”

“Just as the Renaissance was “The Discovery of Ignorance”, the Industrial Revolution was “The Discovery of Shittiness”.”

“The Internet often reminds me of college. A place whose main purpose is mostly about showing off how smart you are.”

“I think social media can make one narcissistic, EVEN MORE so than being an artist. Who woulda thunk?

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Would you rather… (part 2)

Would you rather… (part 2).

“Time plasticity” is something I use everyday. Musicians know it as rubato

Playing solo allows me to be in the “Time plasticity zone”: I can stretch and I can squeeze time as much as I want, thanks to “tools” like bows.

I love bowed instruments, even though I’m now a synthesist who began as a drummer and sound engineer.

Bows are flexible to a point beyond abstraction. What can be done with them is mind-boggling.

Listen to the likes of Andrew Manze, Jordi Savall and Wieland Kuijken… Without forgetting Yo-Yo Ma.

Those guys can make you feel like an hour was a minute, and the opposite.

As a sound engineer, thanks to ProTools… I can already stretch or squeeze time.

As a drummer, I can stack different perceptions of time. Polyrhythms anyone? Polymeters? Meshuggah?

And a big yet…

This is either being lost in a zone or tweaking knobs.
Nothing to do with speeding up or slowing down time in the “real life”.

I always wanted 48-hours long days and 8-day weeks. Never the opposite.

I’d better get rid of something or someone than to play with time. Skipping a heartbeat? No fuckin’ way.

Even if I could play with time’s plasticity and resilience, what about people around, do they live at the same speed?

Frankly, can you imagine people each going at their own pace, some stretching time while others slow it down?

Bottom line is: what matters is not how much time we get, it’s about the intensity of the time we’re allowed.

It is about emotion, not minutes.
Focus on the first. Anyway (according to St. Augustine and to yours truly, the present is what tends to cease to be) you don’t have any choice, however you can still dream.

Dreams are stolen time.

Facebook and TV are wasted time.

If you needed more time, where would you take from?

If you needed more time, where would you take from?.

There are clear time-wasters in our daily lives:

•Checking e-mails 30 times a day

Just 3 of them. I’ll gladly drop any of.

Actually, I dropped everything but Twitter.

I freed at least 5 hours a day.

However, I’ll never give up on reading Seth Godin’s blog and books about art and artmaking.