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Does technology help you write?

No magic recipe for me.

I write as I talk.

Often.Poorly (and sometimes smart).In public.

Write like you talk. Do you wait for the muse to hit before talking? No, you don’t. You just talk, without any regard to quality or relevance.

Talk everyday, write everyday.

Have a look at my page “read this first!”

Technology now.

It does help me writing. I can write from anywhere, anytime and publish anywhere, anytime from my iPhone. WordPress and Apple are the winning team for us writers… Or should I say “mobloggers”?

The only thing WP can do to help me being more productive is bringing the reader and photo features to my iPad, so I can keep in touch with my favorite blogs and take photos on-the-fly.

My first participation to photoblogging has been nicely received…

It makes me hungry. I’m already foolish.

Topic #281: Does technology help you write? One comical thing about writers and writing is they often ask each other if there is a secret tool, or software, they use that makes writing easier. Some writers swear by a particular tool, or keyboard, or special software (or WordPress plugin), while others see tools as ways to help with scheduling, or writing related tasks, but see the process of writing simply about putting their but in the chair. No … Read More

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Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about

If I am ever afraid, it is to write about what I talk about on a daily basis.

I can name 5 topics, as requested:

• Music

• Entrepreneurship / marketing

• Sex

• Neurology

And last but not least, IT and programming/developing

Why am I not at ease?

Lizard brain.

The Resistance, as
Seth Godin and Steven Pressfield name it.

Fear is, after death, the 2nd best invention of life. It pushes us to do our best work, everyday… only if we embrace our fear.

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Write as you talk.

You’ll certainly agree that as we talk (and we talk a lot), we get better over time.

Seth Godin wrote about this in his blog. I shamelessly borrow the idea that there is no talker’s block.

Why is it then, that we face the writer’s block?

My take is that we don’t write enough.

It’s not about writing a best death-seller here (best-seller means as much to me as original recipe on a tomato sauce jar). No: it’s about doing with writing what we do with talking.

We do it a lot, and every word we say is not worth a Nobel Prize or a Pulitzer one. That’s fine.

Since I started this blog, I wrote like I talk. Not as much, but the same way.
I don’t care about quality and relevance for each word. I don’t care about quantity either.
Those are short-term concepts, and I’m all about long-term, even if you can’t see or feel it.

If I was that much anal about what I do, I’ll be into math and do Fourier transform the whole day, and perhaps the whole night, just for the sake of being right everytime when I’ll be an incredibly well trained monkey.

What I do care about (I know it’s selfish to you, but that is the truth you’ll have to face here, not your wishes) is writing enough to someday achieve a higher level of writing.

It is possible by putting enough time and effort into something that may be really meaningful, really strong. Something that matters.

It will take time and a shitload of other posts to perhaps write a brilliant trait. I’m ready for it.

You’ll certainly skip many posts because they don’t resonate. I won’t get all pissy pants if my reader stats are poor.

I know what I want, I know the outcome, and I know you’ll like it.

(Edit: if you’re part of the 90% who read Seth’s blog but don’t buy his books, you’ve totally missed the point and you should be ashamed. Yes, the blog is free. Tons of things are for free and the mass loves free stuff… but books are meant to be more than a commodity. They’re a legacy, not just a way to rake in some bucks.)