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What is something you always talk about, but never do?

What is something you always talk about, but never do?.

The answer is deceptively simple. If you ever had read one of my blog posts, you already know what it is…

It is…

Changing everything.

Now I question you: are you able to do this? If not, don’t question me.

I can’t make a list, there are too many things I should have said!

I wish I never overpromised and underdelivered…

Let me explain that. Bitterness put aside.

There’s an iOS app making a real buzz right now, called Geo Synthesizer.

The description of the features is accurate, yet the quote of the mighty keyboardsinthesnoodlist of a band which is usually dubbed “DT” by its “warriors” is totally inappropriate. It is in the words of the app developer in chief. No name here, I’m not gonna make again some advertisement for this poor bloke who has too much time and too much money.

I really wish I never shared any of my knowledge with him and triggered ideas.

I’m an ethnomusicology Ph.D. (should you didn’t know it.)
I do not claim to know everything, but if I knew some fun mailing will turn into endless Skype chats (regardless of the timezone, of course!) then into Pages documents I should have kept for myself… Then into a 7,99€ app which is making the famous even more famous, the rich even richer, the narcissicistic even more crazy…

I would have shut my trap.

Actually, I never uttered a word but once during a Skype video chat.

I’m bitter. I want my share. I want what I never had and what others take for granted.

Do not however think that I’m an ermit living under a stone, watching humankind with disgust.

Their success would never have been possible without my contribution.

I hate myself for my weakness. For speaking, writing. Now it’s too late to revert the process. People were sold on this app and bought on.

Take any famous name, tie it with a big name, and bam! A hit.

I highly doubt the enthusiasm will last, though. Everything dies, fortunately.

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Topic #295:

We all have experiences where after we leave a conversation, or a date ends, we realize something clever we wish we had said.

The French call this l’esprit de l’escalier, which means, roughly, staircase wit (as in, you get the idea for something to say only when you are in the staircase, heading home).

Can you recall moments in your life, at work or at home, where you realize now there was something else you wish you had said? Or done? Make a list.

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Truth be told…

To be honest…

I never loved blogging. Actually, I really despise overthought, lenghty, and shallow blogs.

Think what you want, I know that I’m right choosing to quit WP and expressing every whim and move on Tumblr.

You’ll have a hard time finding me.

So…Farewell, and keep being prepared before starting.

I start before I’m ready. That’s my choice.

PS: If what I want is not what you want, there’s no possible discussion.