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Sunday’s recommended read

I’m “implementing” a new feature in my blog. I have mulled upon it for a long while, and it is likely that I will keep it running if you find value in it.

I may even suggest CDs in the future ( I’ve been CD reviewer for musesmuse.com long enough). Perhaps be an Amazon affiliate, too.

So, here is my recommended read for this weekend:



(Sorry, it seems that the link doesn’t display as planned)!

I’m now in the middle of reading Lashinsky‘s revealing book “Inside Apple” (to be coupled with Steve Jobs’s bio by Isaacson, if you want the whole package)!

I don’t care about the naysayers. There is some value in this book you’ll find nowhere else. Really.

Tell me what you think, if you’ve read it. (Of course, not if you use it to fire start a BBQ)!

The book is available in Kindle format, audiobook, hardcover and paperback. iPad owners can read it with the Kindle app.

It isn’t expensive and, if you are like me, puzzled by how much rumors, bullsh’ and hype rule the social world… This is certainly a book you’ll like.

Yes, I love Apple, but I am not OK with everything they do. There is some scary sh*t in this book. It is not for the faint of heart! You’re warned!

What REALLY upsets me is…no more iDisk in June? Are you nuts, guys? (This is just a “sample rant”).

One more thing:

Happy Easter, folks, and thanks to all of my subscribers for following one of the most whimsical and uncompromising blog out there (shameless plug)!

What will you try to do everyday next year?

What will you try to do everyday next year?.

Simple: I will try everyday (and hopefully succeed) not thinking about how 2011 had been an awful waste (of time, of energy, of money, etc), how I felt like a slave to the powers-that-be, and how much wounds are still open and causing atrocious pain.


I don’t understand all that fuss about ending a year and starting another. Marketing screams. People hear.

The Past is there forever, the Future is there forever.

The Now (or the Present, should you prefer it named so) is constantly collapsing, ceasing to be. This is even what it’s meant to be. An eyeblink, a moment.

Why trying to turn wind into stone?

There is a mix of melancholy and euphoria in celebrating this passage. Get over it.

2011 is, in matters of structure, no different than 2012.

Unless you can prove me that I didn’t notice that 2012’s weeks will have 8 days, and each day 25 hours…

The Dreaded End Of The Year

It’s that time of the year again, when people get together to celebrate spend tons on useless commodities (weird dichotomy) with money they borrowed.

I really don’t get the point of all this “noise”. I live in my hometown’s main street, which is full of über-excessive luxury shops… And full of morons keeping emptying them.

Anyone here to remind me what Christmas is really about? Do you remember what it means?

I’m no bigot, I am even rather mystical and Buddhist in a “Steve Job’s way” (not writing that I’m of the same caliber as him. Don’t get me wrong.)

If you do remember, that’s great.

Well, it has been a good bunch of days that I had not blogged, and now I rant.

I could be constructive, instructive…
If you want to be instructed, set up a LinkedIn profile and browse the news.

Meaty Greasemas and Heavy New Gear!

Read you next year…if so.

[Edit: if you fear disappointing your children because you can’t buy them this mega-hype toy, don’t worry. Rather, worry about how you behaved with your offspring the whole year. You perhaps blamed them because they got an F instead of the A+ you expected, and you berated them… Missing the point that they had a blatant A in another area. If you did so, you perhaps killed a vocation.]

What skill would you most like to learn in 2012?

What skill would you most like to learn in 2012? asks Scott Berkun in The Daily Post (WordPress).

First of all: my definition of “skill”. I’m anal-retentive when it comes to the meaning of words.

I’ll repeat it as many times as necessary: “skill” is just borrowed from the Old Norse word “skil”, which means both “discernment” and “knowledge”.

In icelandic, “Ég skil ekki” means “I don’t know”.

From there: “learning a skill” is either “learning knowledge” (nonsense) or “learning discernment”.

Etymology is amazing. Not only does it study where words come from, but also where they are heading, how they change throughout history.

They don’t change by any law of nature, they change because of men… And I really hate that.

Evolving is necessary, fucking up words is not. There are words we use daily without knowing where they come from. What happened to our curiosity?

Back to topic: the answer is within the question. I’ll learn discernment.

What is discernment? According to my dictionary, it is “the ability to judge well”.

There will be no argument. Just think about what “judging well” means to you.

Thanks for the question, Scott.