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Sunday’s recommended read

I’m “implementing” a new feature in my blog. I have mulled upon it for a long while, and it is likely that I will keep it running if you find value in it.

I may even suggest CDs in the future ( I’ve been CD reviewer for musesmuse.com long enough). Perhaps be an Amazon affiliate, too.

So, here is my recommended read for this weekend:



(Sorry, it seems that the link doesn’t display as planned)!

I’m now in the middle of reading Lashinsky‘s revealing book “Inside Apple” (to be coupled with Steve Jobs’s bio by Isaacson, if you want the whole package)!

I don’t care about the naysayers. There is some value in this book you’ll find nowhere else. Really.

Tell me what you think, if you’ve read it. (Of course, not if you use it to fire start a BBQ)!

The book is available in Kindle format, audiobook, hardcover and paperback. iPad owners can read it with the Kindle app.

It isn’t expensive and, if you are like me, puzzled by how much rumors, bullsh’ and hype rule the social world… This is certainly a book you’ll like.

Yes, I love Apple, but I am not OK with everything they do. There is some scary sh*t in this book. It is not for the faint of heart! You’re warned!

What REALLY upsets me is…no more iDisk in June? Are you nuts, guys? (This is just a “sample rant”).

One more thing:

Happy Easter, folks, and thanks to all of my subscribers for following one of the most whimsical and uncompromising blog out there (shameless plug)!

Before going to bed yesterday, I had the pleasure of getting a mail from my buddy Derek Sivers.

We haven’t shared anything for months (I was entangled in some win/lose project with Wizdom Music LLC, Jordan Rudess’ company, and other programmers…There will be a post about that someday, when I’ll be able to write about this useless turmoil) so I was thrilled.

It was about procrastination (my favorite topic of discussion, ex æquo with schooling and music), sand shells and co-op.

I thought, “well, tomorrow. I’m shit-tired now. I mark it as unread and we’ll see later.” (I eventually grumbled about being born ten or twenty years too late to produce anything worth today.Keep reading…)

That must be a side-effect of reading Steve Jobs’ bio (I’m still not done with it, as I don’t rush through books. Is the goal to end up being the fastest sprinter? No, of course! A thousand times NO).

“An artist is not likely to produce anything great after he turns thirty” is a killer sentence. I’m not sure if it’s how Steve put it, but it’s close.

I’m 30. Holy cow.

Do I hang myself or do I go grunt-busyworking in a cubicle (if I can find it in a crumbling Europe), killing my art (not writing, crafting music -still hadn’t figured out how to make something great/meeting my standard of quality out of GarageBand for iDevices. I am really old-school. I need a rehearsal space and real instruments. I need sweat and tears. I need partners. You got the picture- and drawing dark art drawings) as I’m doomed anyways?

I digress and concatenate sentences. Whoops.

Derek’s point was to make people realize how much difference it makes in a sentence when writing/saying OR instead of AND.

It doesn’t work with all sentences. Try with some which have alternatives, or a list of conditions.

Oh well: figure it out yourself. It’s puzzling.

Once again he is right. Right now, I feel like the dumbest man on earth. This is so obvious!

My sentence “what is common for me might be awesome for somebody else” is a slight modification of his own words. Of course with his blessing to use it.

Derek and I believe in (the power of) sharing. It’s impossible for me to tell you how good I feel when I share something I know. I don’t trade knowledge for money.

Derek Sivers and Seth Godin… The most awe-inspiring people I met in my life… So far.

I doubt anyone will ever come close. I mean, I hold Derek and Seth close to my heart, and I don’t believe any other emotional bond as strong as those can be made with anyone. It doesn’t even needs to be made. It doesn’t make sense, frankly.

I don’t need more.

Get rid of the Idiot Box.

Yes, you read well, I’m asking you to get rid of your TV.


It is so simple…

You’re wasting your time, or rather misusing it as you hold the remote, browsing through 200+ channels while eating junk food and laying on the couch.

You’re killing yourself.

I always hear people wanting to get the most of life. They are usually TV-addicts.

Getting the most of life is about learning lifelong after your academic education (it doesn’t stop when you quit or drop school) and enjoying what you do… enjoying what you truly love doing.

It is about reading inspiring books (the book requires participation from your part, unless you mistake a purchased book with purchased knowledge).

I’ve got a list of recommended books.
Tell me what your passion is, I’ll tell you what to read.

I encourage you to go to the library and get a card. It’s cheap.

Don’t read locked in the toilets at home.

Reading a book is not enough, you should put what you learn into use, or it’s just wasting time.

You should also tune in your radio, and not to listen to the Top 40…

Reading newspapers? Too biased.
Well, you may argue that statements made on the radio are biased as well.

I agree, that’s right. Shut it off and use your brain.

The world needs you. Are you ignoring it?

The world wants you. It is filled with opportunities you’re missing if you’re a couch potato!

My dream and my vision may not be yours, I am not selling you on my mindset. Do what you please.

However, if we share the same dream, the same vision, I’ll be glad to discuss with you. Now. Later is always too late.

You decide.

Some more stuff!

-Why do I need to retaliate, even if events belong to the past, and are solved issues?

-Why this thirst of blood, murder?
-Why making both body and soul suffer?

-Why are my dreams persistent?
-Why this behavior?
-Is it a pathology or just some kind of fascination?
-Could it possibly be a phantasm?