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Do you know that I know that you don’t know?

I’m both a job seeker (I was a pro session drummer. I had to quit due to severe neurologic issues- it let me time to think, that’s the great part-) and the leader of the Anti-Resume Revolution “à la française”!

Angela Lussier already released a book Seth Godin mentioned! You have to read it!

“The Anti-Resume Revolution.”

Back to my blurbs:

French people amaze me. They’re afraid of absolutely everything new or different.

And they expect to find a job. Not a job they love. Just a medium to have enough bucks to eat and pay their bills.

They expect mediocrity.

Here in France, we’re fed with brochures and meetings and advice telling us to be the shiniest-brand-spanking new cog in a machine, using “out the f*** over capacity outdated CV models”.

Don’t be a Linchpin or you’ll be hanged…thrown stones at…or perhaps be burnt.

It is insane, I tell you.

They should all know it

Everyone knows that the best way to learn how to write…is to write.

Yet in our corporate world, nobody seems to know that the best way to learn how to work…is to work!

Patrons (or any people hiring people for what they can’t do themselves) are SLAYING MASSIVELY incredible, indispensable creative and talented people because they do not “fit in”.

Soon enough, there won’t be any cogs anymore (you know, what schools are made for, creating fearful cogs), the giant machine will be dead and everybody will have to shift for another model.

In the meanwhile, the slaughter continues.

Can you stand still waiting for it to pass?
I can’t. That’s why I’m leading a branch of very active people to put an end to all of that.

Angela Lussier is already doing an excellent job leading the “Anti-Résumé Revolution.”

Make a Google search for it.