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Even though the word entrepreneur is french (no matter what this bloody ignorant Bill Clinton said about it)… France is really in short supply of entrepreneurs.

I’m afraid the upcoming presidentials will only make things worse…

Look at this before reading further:


The main issue is not that there are not enough people not afraid to fail a thousand times, take insane risks…

The real problem is that France is stuck in a 1925-like mindset. It wants employees. It wants factories back in the country! It wants lazy and fat corporates.

Obviously, mad creatives (problem solvers) is a threat to this outdated model!

Being an entrepreneur, I can confidently tell you that it is not something I’ll do again if I had the chance (?) to change something in my past life.

The question is: why are the USA the “entrepreneur’s dreamland” even though the word entrepreneur and the verb entreprendre are french?

Silicon Valley is the epitome of entrepreneurship. Especially in a web 2.0 era.

Questions: the Worst Wild Web is still young. 20-something. It is just the beginning, and it’s a mess. What will it be in 40 years? Would it still exist?

This entrepreneur issue is again an example of a “transposed cultural scheme“.

I once again coined a sentence. It happens all the time!

It doesn’t matter where you were born. It matters where you achieve your goals.

Any comments?

Obvious is the new viral

Here’s a list of the buzzword/bullshit bingo winning words. Do you want to play? I am sure your next meeting will be fun!

They’re “viral”, and their virality -again, hype word- may well kill them sometime soon. I call some of them “lethal”, for if you use them, you feed clichés and remove any meaning out of what you write.

Yet don’t worry, viral words are like cockroaches. You’ll kill one, but don’t know about the thousand others. They proliferate at an alarming rate.

Call me names if I use any of them in my own writings. Heck, send me flame-mails if you want. Hate me on Twitter, on Facebook (on which I’m not), on any “social” thing. Build me a bad rap.

I’m sick and tired -beyond ultimate repair- of those words. That’s all.

I also want you fellow bloggers, contributors and authors, to be creative and use other words, or find new ways to use the old ones. I know you can do it and save humankind.

I don’t want to read dozens of blogs I actually love containing exactly the same nonsense.

One last thing: don’t “build” virality anymore. Relevant words don’t have to be viral. They are obvious.

Obvious is the new viral.

Over with the rant. Enjoy the non-exhaustive list:



-ROI (Return On Investment, or rather “Return On Ignorance”)


-UX (User Experience)

-SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


-Generation Y

-Generation X








Feel free to add some.

Invert the tragedy to come…

“Invert the tragedy to come, and reclaim your future.
This is a call to arms, one quest at a time.”

Do you know the Swedish band In Flames? I just quoted one of their songs.

“Move through me” is the title of the song those lyrics are to be found in.

Let me ask you: What moves through you?
What is your burning desire?

Have you done something yet to achieve it?

If not, you’ll better start. Now.

There is no better place to start than where you are, no better time to start than NOW.

Have you been wishing, waiting, sighing for so long you can’t even remember?

Let’s have a bit of fun. Come with me through space and time.

We’ll start by the end. The solution. Your dream. Where you want to be.
Define it. What is it. What does it take to get it?

Once you have it clearly defined, ask yourself what is the step just before. Define it. Repeat until you reach the present. Where you’re now.

Make a clear difference: “The Now” is ABSOLUTE. Where you are now is relative.

When I told you that the best moment to start is now, I meant that it is relative. It is relative and personal. It is YOUR now.

There’s only one you. There’s only one me.

Makes sense? I hope so!

The tragedy is inverted. The tragic part is what will happen if you’re not proactive at all!

To coin a weird sentence again: “Know where you’re going from.”

I’m sure that what I wrote in a vague way will keep you away from NOT thinking.

Remember: I’m there to destroy the status quo. I live by my rules. Not by the rules a corporate world set and started to feed me with since my first day in school.

I respect and encourage those who feel good with their jobs to NOT quit.

I kick the butts of those who wish they could quit. They can. There is a transition period. Always. Don’t get discouraged. Phasing off is never easy.

Starting your own gig out of nothing is at your own risks.

The tragedy would be to have you failing.

There’s not ONE ABSOLUTE DEFINITION of failure.

It all comes down to your priorities and your values.

I’m not preaching. We don’t have to all be entrepreneurs. This is not what I want, this is not something I force you to become.

Follow me if you want.

Enough for this time. Next post, we’ll explore what “working ON” and “working IN” means.

Hint: it’s not the same.