Well, it’s not mine either.

Before we go on: are you an artist (everyday art, not Moz-art)? If not, don’t read this post, it will bore you.

Any artist has to get a deep understanding of the world around. Observation is key.

Then, there must be execution. What’s the point of understanding the world if it is of no practical use?

The point I’m trying to make is that in understanding the world through your own eyes, your art will, perhaps slowly, grow more confident, as you’ll know yourself better (you’re part of the world, afterall), and you’ll be able to put to good use tools relevant to you only.

Your technique, your craft, your art… All of that is relevant to you only, and you are the only one to understand it well enough to make something out of it.

I never studied Bach’s mass in B minor to write my songs. His advice would be nice to hear, but totally irrelevant to me.

I never asked Pollock about his paintings, never asked Adams about his photos, never asked Steve Jobs about entrepreneurship.

Not only because I can’t, but because their art is theirs and mine… Is mine!

Ask yourself good questions, you’ll get good answers. Ask again.

You know how to answer all your questions.

Picasso said: “Computers are useless. All they can give is answers”.

Fun how he put it, as he was intensely fighting with uncertainty, which is, according to me, the most comfortable position.

Paradoxical? Not really.
Think about it: if you had no doubts but only virtues, would you make art?

That’s it for today about artmaking, which is not the same as art, nor craft.

Can you dig it? I hope you can!