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Sunday’s recommended read

I’m “implementing” a new feature in my blog. I have mulled upon it for a long while, and it is likely that I will keep it running if you find value in it.

I may even suggest CDs in the future ( I’ve been CD reviewer for musesmuse.com long enough). Perhaps be an Amazon affiliate, too.

So, here is my recommended read for this weekend:



(Sorry, it seems that the link doesn’t display as planned)!

I’m now in the middle of reading Lashinsky‘s revealing book “Inside Apple” (to be coupled with Steve Jobs’s bio by Isaacson, if you want the whole package)!

I don’t care about the naysayers. There is some value in this book you’ll find nowhere else. Really.

Tell me what you think, if you’ve read it. (Of course, not if you use it to fire start a BBQ)!

The book is available in Kindle format, audiobook, hardcover and paperback. iPad owners can read it with the Kindle app.

It isn’t expensive and, if you are like me, puzzled by how much rumors, bullsh’ and hype rule the social world… This is certainly a book you’ll like.

Yes, I love Apple, but I am not OK with everything they do. There is some scary sh*t in this book. It is not for the faint of heart! You’re warned!

What REALLY upsets me is…no more iDisk in June? Are you nuts, guys? (This is just a “sample rant”).

One more thing:

Happy Easter, folks, and thanks to all of my subscribers for following one of the most whimsical and uncompromising blog out there (shameless plug)!

Why Absolute Pitch Is a Curse And Not a Blessing

You wanted it? So, here we go.

What is absolute pitch, exactly?

It’s not only a misnomer but an enormous lie schlepped around by academics for way too long.

Misnomer: it is absolute only in one tuning system. It has to be based on a reference pitch, so it is nothing else than relative.

True relative pitch is based on intervals, which are the most important component of melody and harmony. Intervals focus on what’s between the notes.

Imagine yourself thrown in Kazakhstan. Do they have the same reference pitch? NO!

Lie: it is not an advantage over other musicians. All it allows is to be able to sit at a table and write music you can hear in your head (it can also be achieved with relative ear).

Also, whenever you hear a note, you can mimic a parrot and say which one it is. Can you sing the note you’ve heard? If not, you suck.

Nice. Not impressive at all.

Can you, Western-trained musician, write down music based on maqamat (persian) or makamlar (turkish)?

I don’t believe you can. Until you can prove me wrong.

There are only TWO kinds of music: fixed and yes, absolute.

Fixed means that, when reading tablature (most widespread reading format), you’ll use the same fingerings no matter if the instrument you play on is tuned on D or A. That means transposition , obviously.

Absolute means that the fingerings (and the tuning) have to be modified to be able to play in the same key when switching instruments.

I’ve chosen another way of hearing. I rely solely on frequencies. I mimic the parrot with Hertzian talk instead of A-G notes (I’m not ignoring that diatonic is not chromatic, of course, and not totally overlooking double sharps and double flats, as Western music wants it…)

Over with the rant. Written in a hurry.

Next time, video showing how absolute pitch is of no use when dealing with 665 notes per octave… and how altering cents can make it even harder!

Ditch Internet


You read “ditch internet”.

Who am I to exhort you to do this? Nobody.

Don’t you know nobodies are the future somebodies?

To the point: wouldn’t life be better WITHOUT Internet? Have you even tried to live WITHOUT?

Blogs, (I came to hate blogging, to be honest) RSS feeds, A-listers, etc.

They ALL use the same ol’ shit to make us “think different/outside the box”…

Resulting in us thinking all the same.

There’s no shortage of information on the web, but filtering it has become a time-consuming routine that too many of us go through. A time-waster like no other.

Sheeple live without questioning authority ( in this case, blogs ands article-writers or/and self-help book authors. I’d say “self-sabotage” books instead, actually.)

I don’t hate internet. I hate tyranny.

Is living without internet worth it? Definitely.

Degrees suck. Don’t get brainwashed. No way.

Hello everyone, newcomers as well as returning readers (I guess I can count you on the fingers of one hand…)

Come on, I don’t bite. If you disagree with what I write, if I challenge your values…at least tell your friends about it!

I want to address something totally overlooked: degrees… And the brainwashing behind it all.

A degree is nothing but a weak crutch.
It is in no way a passport. No one will open you the door to success just because…(add fluff talk here.)

Success is personal, not absolute. It is yours, and only yours. Do not copy anyone else. It’s not your life…

Do not trade WHO you are for a cliché.

No one will consider you more than anyone else even if you’re out of Harvard (or HEC for France.)

There are so many boring, unpersonal, void people with degrees that it is becoming way too common.

How common is close to mediocre?

How mediocre is close to meaningless?

Why should one pay attention to you more than anyone else?

You are your best degree. You don’t need anything more.

Employers love real-life stories, not piles of paper and memorials.

Do you know what I mean?

Unclutter. Get rid of features (degrees) and show benefits.

Don’t lie. Don’t create a fake character to please anyone.

You will get more than you expect… Only if you don’t expect anything!

In case you didn’t get it… This post is about job seeking and how HR people think and feel…

Yes, they feel! More than you can ever imagine.


Well, this was just a really quiet warm-up. Brace yourselves. 2011 is not a year like any other for me.

No complacency, no compromises, face-ripping topics and razor-sharp words!

(Not in this post. Yet, the next ones won’t be nice. This new mindset has a purpose, and it’s not pissing you off… Just kicking your butt!)