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Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

I just realized that I really started blogging exactly a year ago.

I didn’t change a thing since I began, so you can see how it began.

I was inspired by Angela Lussier and her mind-crunching book The Anti-resumé Revolution.

I eventually had a talk with her and became the european head honcho of The Anti-résumé revolution — just a résumé which is anything but a dull white page of paper— and started this blog to keep my audience updated on the boiling ideas coming their way.

I never changed my blog’s subtitle, but re-named it Commonplace as I thought the blog was delving into many more topics than just staffing/job hunting/hiring.

It is also a reference made to Michel de Montaigne who was always keeping with him a book of daily thoughts, questions, learning, etc for further reading and thinking. Something that would be commonplace for him.

This morning, I read Seth Godin’s blog and mulled upon it for a while.

Why did I started blogging in the first place? Simply put: I love writing, especially on my iPhone or iPad. Just writing and redefining writing with each post.

There is no competition with other bloggers. There is cooperation instead, and I really wish to see “self-centurd” blog owners begin to understand what a tribe, no matter how small it is, can do.

I’ve been struggling with that for a while myself, cursed, sweared, threw the towel many times, like a stupid bloke I can be sometimes.

I needed and still need my pants being kicked to write daily as I planned. I still need stimulation. Triggering my writing weapon.

The WP crew is working on big improvements (code is poetry, code is not easy -no matter which language you use- and great poetry is scarce), so please be patient and don’t behave like I did.

I’m not proud of it, but it is how I felt at the moment (wait,I’m apologizing? No way!) Angry and overwhelmed, but also boiling with ideas, which eventually turned into lyrics.

The most intimate, introspective, daring and insanely hard to sing stuff I ever typed.

Wish me luck as I’m on to something with those few words.

Back to the topic: WP is coming stronger than ever, very soon (on mobile too!)

Everything will be ironed out by November.

That’s plenty of time to write…

O blogger, where art thou?

Never thought I will write that but…

Apple screwed it all with iCloud and iOS5. Just have a look at the Apple community forums: it’s quite Wall Street!

Feel people seethe.

Every developer has to update to keep up with a promising ecosystem, which turns out to be a nightmare.

I can’t reblog either, and I wonder if it’s WP or Apple who’s getting in my way.

Afterall, it’s not so bad, I skipped two Daily Press topics totally irrelevant to me.

I rant, but it keeps me writing. That’s the point. Writing.

Does technology help you write?

No magic recipe for me.

I write as I talk.

Often.Poorly (and sometimes smart).In public.

Write like you talk. Do you wait for the muse to hit before talking? No, you don’t. You just talk, without any regard to quality or relevance.

Talk everyday, write everyday.

Have a look at my page “read this first!”

Technology now.

It does help me writing. I can write from anywhere, anytime and publish anywhere, anytime from my iPhone. WordPress and Apple are the winning team for us writers… Or should I say “mobloggers”?

The only thing WP can do to help me being more productive is bringing the reader and photo features to my iPad, so I can keep in touch with my favorite blogs and take photos on-the-fly.

My first participation to photoblogging has been nicely received…

It makes me hungry. I’m already foolish.

Topic #281: Does technology help you write? One comical thing about writers and writing is they often ask each other if there is a secret tool, or software, they use that makes writing easier. Some writers swear by a particular tool, or keyboard, or special software (or WordPress plugin), while others see tools as ways to help with scheduling, or writing related tasks, but see the process of writing simply about putting their but in the chair. No … Read More

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