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Trade But Sue

First off, the title has nothing to do with the content…

Actually, it’s a pun.

I’m sure that you’ve heard about Metallica. You may even listen to the band.

“Sad But True” is one of their hit songs.

I had it spinning in my head for a long time now, and it won’t get out.

I was not listening to it.

I had it in my head, I’m still hearing it.

That led me to ask me this question:

When people talk, do we hear them, or do we listen to them?

Do I need to repeat the question?
No, of course, as you can’t hear me.

If you hear any sound now, it’s not my Doppelganger.

OK, now that you had time to think…

Let me explain my views.

Hearing somebody is simple: just let your ear do its most basic work.

Listening to somebody is trickier, as you have to pay attention to what the person says, and understand what the meaning, the idea is.

I told you, it is trickier.

Do you granted permission?

I mean, did you allow this somebody to disturb you? Not really, uh?

Have you got something more important, more vital to do at the moment it started?

Not so sure.

That is often how we miss opportunities. Not that all opportunities are worth it, but though…

The moment you hear a voice, familiar or not, prepare yourself to engage.

Prepare to listen. Breathe deeply.

It’s important. Extremely important.

For you, for others…

Did you know that written words are only 7% of your message?

Did you know that spoken words are 38% of your message?

Did you know that the gesture is 55% of your message?

Those facts make me think twice before I speak.

They make me think even more about how much of themselves people are giving to you when they engage with you, even when they are disgruntled.

They don’t always ask for anything in return.

Listen, please.

Getting traffic

The fact that so much people spend loads of time driving traffic to their blog is just plain crazy.

Webinars, mentorship (don’t get me started with that) and SEO optimizing are a total waste of time and money if there is no one (no specific audience) to follow you, whatever you do, business or just fun.

Sounds like lecturing? It could be.
You know that “the less common, the better”!

Everyone uses the same techniques, making them prematurely obsolete.
Therefore, a cycle begins: new techniques are needed all the time and nobody can keep up with!

It’s what does NOT follows the rules (remind me, who wrote them?) that wins.

You want to win, yeah?

Blogging is not a game.

I meant “winning” as earning your readers confidence and faithfulness, no matter the content of your blog.

Aren’t YOU tired of all the ready-made schemes? Aren’t you tired of hearing this same ad on the radio?

Let’s be honest there: you do!

So is your reader.

Be different. Be smart and different.

You do not need to be the new Tim Ferris or even the new Laura Roeder.

You need to be yourself, and you know why it is so important.

Honest signals can’t be faked.

Let me write it once again: honest signals can’t be faked.

Does that make sense?
Your reader can screen you in a nanosecond.

Think about it next time you ship (write a blog entry).

As for me… I don’t fit in anything, so I gave up long ago!