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Where is the most relaxing place in your world?

Where is the most relaxing place in your world?

Without hesitation, the Icelandic inner wasteland. Its beauty is soothing, purifying.

Contrarily to popular beliefs, Iceland is not a cold country. Strasbourg, in France, has almost the same temperatures (or even below!)

What makes Iceland so particular is also the warmth of its inhabitants. It’s not another cliché, but a truth.

The language may be irritating for sensitive ears who’ll prefer latin languages. As a Swede, I feel at home even if “Ég tala íslensku ekki svo vel“!

Also, Iceland has NO nuclear power plant, but uses only natural resources. Geothermy is king!

Being vegan, ecologist and some kind of animal rights activist, I can only feel great there.

When it comes to my places of stay, I have found 101 Hotel in Reykjavik to be very suitable. Its unique design, so modern that it’s quite another world, the colors, the shapes, so organic…

Well, you get it, I love this place. Its spacious and comfy suites are also of an absolute beauty.

I sometimes choose less expensive stays, like rented old fisherman houses in Akureyri…

You’ll have to wait, sorry!

I’m sorry folks, I have to make a choice, and it’s not an easy one.

This “daily questioning” can not be at two places at the same time. Either here or on another very private circle I can’t mention.

Really, it is no easy choice. Believe me!
I am sure that my content is relevant. I am totally confident in it.

I may split it. A chunk for each place.
Not possible. All efforts must be focused to get the best results possible.

Stay tuned though.