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More cowbell.

-What is my quest?
-Do I even have one?
-Who reaps its benefits?

-Why this shift between euphoria and deep indifference?

-Why do I abhor money?
-Is it a vice I need to survive, not to live?
-Why do I refuse to (grunt) work for someone else than me?
-Why am I madly obstinate about reaching something I’m not sure I do even need?

-Why this rejection, this hatred towards the human race, vain and cocky, superficial and useless?

-What’s the point to mention what’s not within me?
-Can I learn it?
-Achieve it?
-How long does it take?

-Why don’t I necessarily agree with what I think?

Some more stuff!

-Why do I need to retaliate, even if events belong to the past, and are solved issues?

-Why this thirst of blood, murder?
-Why making both body and soul suffer?

-Why are my dreams persistent?
-Why this behavior?
-Is it a pathology or just some kind of fascination?
-Could it possibly be a phantasm?

First batch!

Here’s a bunch of random questions:

-Why do I need web exposure?
-Is my Ego sick?

-Why am I seemingly competing with my peers?
-Why do they make me feel their superiority, even though, no matter their experience, we’re even?
-Who are they to judge me and pretend that the only thing they know, is they don’t know?

-Why am I driven by my lizard brain, as I know that it is pointless, exhausting and destructing?