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Which city makes my heart beat?


Without any doubt, the tiny and friendly Reykjavik (Iceland's capital). It is so close to nature… and nature is wild there. This is part of why I love Iceland. It is like a world just born. Another interesting point of Iceland is that you truly can't get anything done if you bury yourself in your basement. Communication is key and benefits everyone. Bjór, someone?

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FYI: this is my hand on the lowest (6th and 7th) strings of a solid-body viol (or viola da gamba)!

Apple Knowledge Quotient: 100%

An app told me…


However, that’s just the beginning for me.

Thanks to the developers of the app. I hope you’re on WordPress as well!

(Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated or making money by posting this. I let my inner child call his bragging rights!)

Ghost Cathedral (pic)