Not the “commonplace” you may think about.
Actually, quite the contrary!

Here are my (quite) daily quirky, odd, weird, unexpected and disgruntled questioning and observations (based on Michel de Montaigne’s idea of keeping a “commonplace” book.)

I hope that this will wake up your curiosity, the one you had when you were a kid. Each of those questions or observations are raw material.

Everything here is “written at random”.

When the muse hits, I don’t push back. I go with it and sometimes go totally bonkers about… Details.

Well, details for the average people with an average life in an average World.

If you’re one of them, don’t feel offended. I just don’t live in your world. You are of course worthy of respect.

Stop reading and get ready.

Transform. Shake things up. Make something happen!

Don’t be a f***ing cog in a machine.
You deserve better.

Don’t settle for less!