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Solace is perhaps the less used word, of late.

Yet it has never been so actual.

How can we explain this paradox?

My take is that, in our perpetually fed cycle of hype, our race to the bottom, we just have lost the senses we were born with, but developed other ones. I believe that our 5 senses are a thing of the past, yet I don’t rejoice in thinking so.

I’m deeply saddened. Who are we now but meaningless drones? What is the purpose of our lives? What do we stand for?

Do we ever think about leaving a legacy?


We care about our ROI, about SEO, about a gazillion acronyms that I can barely remember.

Is it that, being human?

It seems that the definition of the human being has changed forever. It didn’t change by itself.

Everything is profit-driven.

We are no more social animals.

We are zombies. We are what we will never be anymore.

How do I find solace in this drama?

I am living offline. That sets me apart. What’s online is an alias, an avatar. It is not who I am.

Who wants to unplug and join me?

When do the ends justify the means?

When do the ends justify the means?.

It’s absolutely contextual, thus controversial.

(I’m not into politics or economy at all, so leave this turd aside for the time being.)

What do you take for granted as a mean and as an end?

First, what do you want to achieve? Is it for you? Is it to leave a legacy (the über-famous “bigger than yourself” idea)?

Will you harm yourself in doing so? Will you harm somebody else? How much? Is it an everlasting wound or just a mere “necessary evil”?

See how much parameters are to consider? It makes it tricky to tell if yes or fuck, the end justifies the means.

If the means involve using and abusing someone, it stops there. You won’t get a civilized end.

This is my point of view and it is biased. I have been so much butt-raped just to be left as the underdog and see others thrive…

Is the end the purpose of one person, or one of a tribe? Cases are different. Sometimes extremely remote.

I don’t have a definite answer to this.

Retro WP Mac Theme

In loving memory…

I didn’t write about Steve. I can’t write any eulogy matching his impact on the World and on my own life.

If you want to send stories, memories, sympathy e-mails about Steve, send them at rememberingsteve@apple.com

Retro Mac Theme It’s impossible to overstate the influence of Steve Jobs on technologists, particularly his passion for beautiful, usable products. We work harder and have higher standards because of the bar set by Apple’s experiences, and I don’t know what WordPress would look like today if not for the inspiration he gave all of us. As the shock at his premature loss has given way to a celebration of his life it’s been amazing to read all of the personal anecdo … Read More

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