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Holiday break!

I will be away from today, Sunday, until september 25th, yet I’ll post from Plinky though.

(Feel free to browse through the old entries, and let me know what you would like to read about).

Three Anti-Tips worth a dozen books about beating procrastination (which is postponing decision-taking, and not postponing the actual task)… Read on, and if you dig it, subscribe to Ollin’s blog!

Courage 2 Create

Editor’s note: this post was first published in 2011 on The Renegade Writer.

You’ve tried everything to battle your procrastination, but you still keep slacking off.

So, what’s the deal?

Is it because you’re afraid of rejection or criticism?

No? You’ve already overcome your writing fears?

Ok. Then what’s wrong then?

Oh. You’re bored?

Ahhh! That makes sense. No wonder all those other productivity tips haven’t been working for you!

The only way you can kill procrastination now is if you throw away all those other “tips,” start from scratch, and go against EVERYTHING the experts have told you to do.

Too bad there’s no such thing as an “anti-tip,” right?

Actually, you’re in luck. There is.

If it’s boredom that’s keeping you from staying on top of things, then I suggest trying out these 3 “anti-tips” to help you get back on track:

Anti-Tip #1: Do Nothing

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Truth be told…

To be honest…

I never loved blogging. Actually, I really despise overthought, lenghty, and shallow blogs.

Think what you want, I know that I’m right choosing to quit WP and expressing every whim and move on Tumblr.

You’ll have a hard time finding me.

So…Farewell, and keep being prepared before starting.

I start before I’m ready. That’s my choice.

PS: If what I want is not what you want, there’s no possible discussion.