Honestly, if I were to hire somebody for my company, I’ll go totally nuts in a few seconds.

Imagining I would have to review several hundreds of the exact same white sheets would bore the HELL out of me.

So much wasted paper.

Surprisingly enough, I’ve put my feet in the shoes of a biz owner.

People are told to do EXACTLY what bores biz owners most. No wonder if there’s unemployment.

Let’s be brutally honest.

Would YOU want to read the same stuff over and over?

I crave some humanity. That appeals to me.

The dull white pages with a lenghty description of what people did is a nightmare.

Why can’t people grab a webcam, a DVD-R, record a compelling video and BE THERE?

I don’t want to know what people did. I want to know who they are.

Real HUMAN life stories I can relate to delight me.

If I can relate to your life, you can consider yourself as hired.

That is how it works in my World.