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Apple’s smart move

With their “12 Days” app, obtained via a newsletter (you are free not to download the app, or download it and use it as you please), Apple is making free many apps, videos, books, and more (with somehow disputable taste), each day from december 26th to january 6th, pushing them to your iDevices.

Of course, with the Genius feature in iTunes, it is blatant that this is not a philantropic endeavour… With iTunes Match, it exerts even more control on the customer experience.

Tunes, albums, books and apps will be suggested, and if interesting to the customer, (even if not, most of the time) be bought, increasing Apple’s revenue (capital being 374,9B as I write, with a stock share worth 403,33$).

This is a special platform strategy: give incentives (sow) and enjoy the benefits (reap). It is what I call “sow-and-reap marketing”©.

Others call it permission marketing, yet in this case, it starts with a gift on your digital hub. Slight difference, yet smart move.

Another example of a successful platform strategy.

(perhaps not as fun and as successful as Google putting the pin in random locations when you searched for “Santa” on Xmas in google maps, or their freezing and snowing animation starting if you type “let it snow” in their search engine.)

Short, sharp and smart.

This is the beginning of a burst of nano-blogs made of one sentence only.