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Hey folks!

It was about time for me to come back and write a post!

I admit it, I have no excuses for not caring about you, since I blog from either my iPhone or iPad. I always have them with me.

Please forgive me. I was experimenting.

My way of living is backwards and upside down. Where one would say it’s being a caveman staying alone at home, I think that the opposite is the truth.

Real cavemen are in the streets, not in their houses.

Sounds nonsensical? Think harder.

When you’re outside at Starbucks drinking a coffee with a friend/colleague, or when you’re dating, or just socializing out of the well-known online networks, what are you doing?

You’re feeding your lowest instincts. You’re in a passive behaviour. In your comfort zone.

Conflicts erupt way more often inside than outside.

There are exceptions, of course.


I experimented a long period doing what the average Joe does: being a caveman.

Let me put it simply: it sucks.

Nothing will ever beat a good bed and utter simplicity in furniture and food.

I am not made for hunting. I don’t even eat meat.

What struck me during my experiment is how dulled and shallow relationships are when we human beings are not in small groups, and within the same room.

Stay in small tribes. Interact often, meaningfully and deeply. Care genuinely about each other.

How do you stay true to yourself?

Staying true to myself starts with ignoring everybody…

Not really, actually. It means that whenever I am facing something that doesn’t make me feel like “fuck yeah, that’s awesome”, I move on to the next thing.

If it doesn’t gel…It has nothing to do with who I am. Also, I’m not putting useless pressure on myself and I don’t censor myself at all. I can be analytical, but frankly, I don’t censor myself. Never.

Also (this is not a rebellious attitude), I don’t give a toss what people think I should be according to society’s norms.
I don’t abide what I find utterly stupid.

Staying true to myself is just a matter of sticking to what I feel. The inner voice, you know? Feelings never lie.

“Staying” true to oneself is a weird sentence.
Either you are true to yourself or you are not. You can’t lose your true self along the way, can you?

“Staying” is a word I only use when facing opponents.
It’s a damn war called life.

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