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I always hear people complain whine because Apple boasts 200 new features per new iOS update, and they can only find a dozen of them: the most visible ones.

I call this being lazy and not giving a flying fuck about the work behind.

Here’s the reason why people fail to understand and see improvements :

Apple does not only cater to individuals .

I attended a live seminar about mobile device deployment and management in businesses.

I realized that the most significant features are aimed at businesses (which mainly already have a mobile device management [MDM] system and their own business-specific apps)

This is where improvements are to be found. Huge effort has been put there to address businesses’ needs. I applaud Apple’s efforts. It is no easy task!

Next time you watch a keynote, or a WWDC conference, think about the big picture.

There is a position at Apple which is “Expert”. It works both for regular people and for businesses.

One more thing: The Software Development Kit (SDK) is always updated and contains more Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

So… There are really 200, if not more new features for each new iteration.

I hope that you learnt something useful.
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Why and what devs must thank Apple for

I’m furious out of my mind. Can’t people open up their eyes?

I waited a few days for the steam to be out, and now I can ask you:

Are you aware of what Apple did for you, developers?

Not only does Apple provide the hardware (iDevices) but also the software to realize your wildest dreams (let’s not forget the forums and the documentation.)

The Apple SDK is packed with gems, chunks of code to ease your life, and so much more that it’s beyond words.

Apple gives you the key to success, to earn money, to do what matters to you, more than any other company (no names here, you know what I mean.)

Is this an ode to Apple? A manifesto?

It certainly is… in its tiniest form.

Now don’t get me wrong. The AppStore isn’t heaven. It is a pile of shit with only a few outstanding apps.

However, what is the most striking is that since the inception of mobile apps, no one really measured the impact those apps have on our daily lives, and also how and why having so much power in our pockets can make us better beings in a better world.

If a better world really exists, it has never been created by developers alone (mostly greedy and with an oversized ego) but by the chemistry made by Apple and the developing community.

I write community as I hate competition and value cooperation.

I think that Steve was as proud of his products as he is of his AppStore.

Don’t dare turn the latter into a place where lower instincts rule.

Thank you Steve, thank you Apple, from the bottom of the worn out heart of another developer (me) who knows what you have done.

I miss you, Jobs.