The “infamous” list of what can be achieved without mind-crushing, creativity-killing, cog-making schooling, and racing for A grades, medals, honors and degrees.


I often asked for mentoring and guidance through hard times, but not for being taught.

• Walking, talking/speaking, reading, drawing, eating, drinking, pooping, peeing, masturbating, getting laid, smoking pot, getting drunk…

• Learning foreign languages such as the 4 killer scandinavian ones: swedish ( I bought a grammar book to start), danish, norwegian, and icelandic.

• Marketing and social/interactive media use. Again, books did half the job. Same goes for all internet services, search engines, etc.

• Learning how to read music and tablature (letters &numbers). Playing a dozen of music instruments (live,studio and rehearsing) and singing, in all styles. Writing CD reviews.

• Using Apple iDevices comprehensively. (Same for computers, but the rebel in me considers computers as quite obsolete devices. They’re just more powerful tools, but not more useful ones).

• Building Lego stuff, then later building furniture.

• Getting in touch with big names in the Music industry and the swedish metal scene.

• Escaping the “grad-job-wife-kids-house-car-debt” paradigm. Escaping the grind and standing defiantly against all form of authority I find unjustified.

• Living with as few money as I can, and not starving.

[To be continued. We learn each day… and the reward is the journey.]