It’s that time of the year again, when people get together to celebrate spend tons on useless commodities (weird dichotomy) with money they borrowed.

I really don’t get the point of all this “noise”. I live in my hometown’s main street, which is full of über-excessive luxury shops… And full of morons keeping emptying them.

Anyone here to remind me what Christmas is really about? Do you remember what it means?

I’m no bigot, I am even rather mystical and Buddhist in a “Steve Job’s way” (not writing that I’m of the same caliber as him. Don’t get me wrong.)

If you do remember, that’s great.

Well, it has been a good bunch of days that I had not blogged, and now I rant.

I could be constructive, instructive…
If you want to be instructed, set up a LinkedIn profile and browse the news.

Meaty Greasemas and Heavy New Gear!

Read you next year…if so.

[Edit: if you fear disappointing your children because you can’t buy them this mega-hype toy, don’t worry. Rather, worry about how you behaved with your offspring the whole year. You perhaps blamed them because they got an F instead of the A+ you expected, and you berated them… Missing the point that they had a blatant A in another area. If you did so, you perhaps killed a vocation.]