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When do the ends justify the means?

When do the ends justify the means?.

It’s absolutely contextual, thus controversial.

(I’m not into politics or economy at all, so leave this turd aside for the time being.)

What do you take for granted as a mean and as an end?

First, what do you want to achieve? Is it for you? Is it to leave a legacy (the über-famous “bigger than yourself” idea)?

Will you harm yourself in doing so? Will you harm somebody else? How much? Is it an everlasting wound or just a mere “necessary evil”?

See how much parameters are to consider? It makes it tricky to tell if yes or fuck, the end justifies the means.

If the means involve using and abusing someone, it stops there. You won’t get a civilized end.

This is my point of view and it is biased. I have been so much butt-raped just to be left as the underdog and see others thrive…

Is the end the purpose of one person, or one of a tribe? Cases are different. Sometimes extremely remote.

I don’t have a definite answer to this.

The post-internet era is near.

I know that it may sound like a vague prediction, but it is coming, no matter if you want it or not.

Seth Godin deals with it for a while now. Check out his TED talks and his blog!

The industrial era came to an end, the post-industrial era is coming to an end, and with her, the Internet, which is in shambles.

I do not want to go back to a pre-industrial era, but to think of how the Internet will be replaced, and how it will affect our lives (especially for employees, employers, entrepreneurs and the like).

The future is in our hands. What are we gonna do with it?

If we have no clue what to do with the present, the “now”, it is likely that we’ll be lost.

I haven’t got miracle recipes. Just keep in mind that even if you don’t feel any threat right now, you must be prepared for what’s next, no matter what it is.

Your best defense is action. Now.

Update (June 8th,2011):

The threat I was dealing with when this blog was published was the shortage of IP adresses. If people are smart enough to use IPv6 instead of the actual IPv4, everything should be fine.