Couldn’t help but write about how I am living without an active Facebook account.

I’ve done this: I deactivated my account four months ago… because the whole FB experience doesn’t resonate with me at all.

Too much social noise, too many ways to get distracted and ending up overpromising and underdelivering.

“If you have nothing to bring to the table, shut up and stay away.”

I heard that enough times to “believe” in this statement.

(This blog is NOT intended to bring anything to the table. It just sharpens my writing fluency skill.)

Peeps around kept telling me that I was doing a huge mistake, that I will lose opportunities, and all that jazz.

If you jump on every opportunity without asking yourself if it’s a win for you, you’re nuts… Even more nuts if you don’t think about who is giving you an opportunity. In a nutshell: win-win outcome, or death!

Also, I was learning new programming languages and shipped my first apps on the AppStore.
Had I wasted time wondering what to do on Facebook, I wouldn’t have landed my dream job.

Actually, I even created my own job.

I’m not anti-Facebook at all, I just feel good as I am, and I feel good saying NO in a world of compliance.