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Even though the word entrepreneur is french (no matter what this bloody ignorant Bill Clinton said about it)… France is really in short supply of entrepreneurs.

I’m afraid the upcoming presidentials will only make things worse…

Look at this before reading further:


The main issue is not that there are not enough people not afraid to fail a thousand times, take insane risks…

The real problem is that France is stuck in a 1925-like mindset. It wants employees. It wants factories back in the country! It wants lazy and fat corporates.

Obviously, mad creatives (problem solvers) is a threat to this outdated model!

Being an entrepreneur, I can confidently tell you that it is not something I’ll do again if I had the chance (?) to change something in my past life.

The question is: why are the USA the “entrepreneur’s dreamland” even though the word entrepreneur and the verb entreprendre are french?

Silicon Valley is the epitome of entrepreneurship. Especially in a web 2.0 era.

Questions: the Worst Wild Web is still young. 20-something. It is just the beginning, and it’s a mess. What will it be in 40 years? Would it still exist?

This entrepreneur issue is again an example of a “transposed cultural scheme“.

I once again coined a sentence. It happens all the time!

It doesn’t matter where you were born. It matters where you achieve your goals.

Any comments?

Get rid of the Idiot Box.

Yes, you read well, I’m asking you to get rid of your TV.


It is so simple…

You’re wasting your time, or rather misusing it as you hold the remote, browsing through 200+ channels while eating junk food and laying on the couch.

You’re killing yourself.

I always hear people wanting to get the most of life. They are usually TV-addicts.

Getting the most of life is about learning lifelong after your academic education (it doesn’t stop when you quit or drop school) and enjoying what you do… enjoying what you truly love doing.

It is about reading inspiring books (the book requires participation from your part, unless you mistake a purchased book with purchased knowledge).

I’ve got a list of recommended books.
Tell me what your passion is, I’ll tell you what to read.

I encourage you to go to the library and get a card. It’s cheap.

Don’t read locked in the toilets at home.

Reading a book is not enough, you should put what you learn into use, or it’s just wasting time.

You should also tune in your radio, and not to listen to the Top 40…

Reading newspapers? Too biased.
Well, you may argue that statements made on the radio are biased as well.

I agree, that’s right. Shut it off and use your brain.

The world needs you. Are you ignoring it?

The world wants you. It is filled with opportunities you’re missing if you’re a couch potato!

My dream and my vision may not be yours, I am not selling you on my mindset. Do what you please.

However, if we share the same dream, the same vision, I’ll be glad to discuss with you. Now. Later is always too late.

You decide.