The past days have been a real emotional rollercoaster. I’m damn exhausted.

Why should you give a rat’s ass about the meaning of the life of one of the 7 billion humans plaguing the Earth?

Because you’re human as well, right?

I finally sent my mail to Jonathan Ive. No big hopes there.

Today, I grabbed my balls and my iPhone… And wrote to Stanford about my chances to enroll.

They replied few hours after my scream for help. I can really tell you that I feel down… But my unmatched tenacity will keep me alive and thriving.

Well. Transfer: 1400 applicants, 23 lucky bastards.

This was Stanford last year.

You may really wonder if I still care about my mental health. Not really.

I’m shamelessly berating the powers-that-be and bashing the antiquated schooling system. I’ve done that for as long as I can remember.

My first day in school was also my last. My body was there, but my mind was not. The “great divide” lasted 12 years.

I was then forced into studying. Ok dad, if that’s what you want…

Wreaking havoc and temper tantrums eventually got me ousted.

I just miss the helluva cool peeps I’ve met. I don’t even remember their names, but their faces are forever in my memory.

Is it out of some 30’s-crisis nostalgia that I was prone to improvise a mail to Stanford, which I eventually sent?

Highly probable.

What is less probable is that I will take one academic year to have records to send to Stanford. I doubt I could bear others, and the gloomy uni. life here in France.

I should include in this post photos of the buildings -devastated beyond comprehension- we are supposed to learn something in. [Edit:heading to the Uni. tomorrow. I bet all is shiny-spanky-new. Of course when I was there, we choked in dust.]

Moving to Sweden or Iceland is an option I’m considering.

One year abroad, then…

Perhaps years abroad. If I don’t drop out again.

I should carry the torch and fulfill Steve Jobs’ vision of schooling… And merging biology with technology.

I just can’t make mine the Apple legacy.

Screw it. I’m not dealing with products, but with a culture, a way of life. Something I already have… and happens to be found in Apple.

I’ll know next year, same period, if…

Yes, if.

By the way, I’m becoming a B writer (for a while. I decided to unveil my feelings) and A writers might hate me for being less than mediocre.

I’m perfectly fine with that.

[EDIT: 4/1/2012]

Thanks to the iTunes U app, I can get an insane wealth of courses from Stanford, for free, at home. This is absolutely invaluable. It saves me four years and $200.000!

Of course, starting is easy. Postponing is pandemic.

The only way is follow-through.

See you in ten weeks (duration of the course).

I don’t even have the official prerequisites, however I dropped in the course (CS193P) and I’m confident enough to see a positive outcome. Whatever I lack, I’ll get it anyway.