About TEDGlobal 2012:

I borrowed TEDG’s “description” and added notes inside parentheses.

“All bets are off (meaning:the outcome of a situation is unpredictable) as to what openness and collaboration in an ultra-connected world will mean for human potential (one thing is sure, it is killing introverts like me, which need to “disconnect” to recharge their batteries).

Traditional top-down (hierarchical) models of organization no longer reflect reality.

Social capital and influence are becoming stronger currencies than hierarchy and formal power (we can expect to achieve a level of transparency/openness so powerful that it will ridicule the sacrosanct résumé and “open” new perspectives for those who are not Ivy-Leaguers, yet highly qualified. There’s now a hope of getting rid of résumés, and saving trees by not printing any f-in one).

New, collaborative ways of creating meaning and things are developing at fast pace (a new system of values is appearing, so what will we expect from each other when we are all naked?).

Only one thing appears certain: Secrecy is no longer bankable (certain to bring profit and success. Apple’s culture of secret is threatened): impact is. The future will be built on great ideas (starting at school, teaching kids how to use a compass, not a map that keeps changing, and not squandering creativity), and for that, great ideas need to circulate freely, broadly and openly.” (Without censorship and without creating a new arbitrary hierarchy).

These “things between parentheses” are some of my minute thoughts, taken during a drink with friends (I’ve got much more than those few notes, of course).

Your comments are most welcome!

Are you attending TED Global this year in Edinburgh?

If so, what are you expecting?