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I’m not sure that you noticed it, but this blog has a new name which fits best its content, and some tweaks were also made for you to navigate easily in a “target-reader free” blog.


Ditch Internet


You read “ditch internet”.

Who am I to exhort you to do this? Nobody.

Don’t you know nobodies are the future somebodies?

To the point: wouldn’t life be better WITHOUT Internet? Have you even tried to live WITHOUT?

Blogs, (I came to hate blogging, to be honest) RSS feeds, A-listers, etc.

They ALL use the same ol’ shit to make us “think different/outside the box”…

Resulting in us thinking all the same.

There’s no shortage of information on the web, but filtering it has become a time-consuming routine that too many of us go through. A time-waster like no other.

Sheeple live without questioning authority ( in this case, blogs ands article-writers or/and self-help book authors. I’d say “self-sabotage” books instead, actually.)

I don’t hate internet. I hate tyranny.

Is living without internet worth it? Definitely.