When is it ok to strike first?.

Mulling upon this idea, I can’t help but being myself:

Able to berate and be so mean to someone that I may appear as arrogant and frightening.

I berate myself too, mind you.

I want to be able to tell you that you’re a dickless shithead, and I want you to be able to tell me the same. This is a healthy relationship, as long as it is not only about slashing each other.

I came to terms with myself long ago (I know that life is nothing but forever re-morphing the same material)… So I know that being brutally honest harms less than hiding growing resentment for years, and exploding all of a sudden.

In this, I paid my dues.

Striking first. Yeah, deffo.

But what does it mean out of any given context?

I’m a contextual guy. Even though my level of abstraction is way above average (shameless plug, which means nothing if abstraction doesn’t serve a purpose).

I’m perfectly fine with striking first, for time and energy matters. I would not mess up with anyone just because I can laugh at it.

This blog perhaps doesn’t reflect my laser-sharp focus and willpower. However it reflects my evolution as a human being facing attacks, criticism, mockery, unfairness, etc.