Not even strong enough mentally to write a blog entry each day.

That’s… wimp.

That’s what I am.

I am so jaded. So bored.
No, I don’t whine.

12 years having been trained to be a 1925-like factory worker, to win the race to the bottom.

13 years with a nameless disease which is slowly killing me.

7 years of stubborn tribal behaviour in some lousy Uni (lousy=mediocre teachers. It has nothing to do with rankings, which are just about fame).

25 years stuck in a strict and narrow-minded, retrograde family.

Take it all, shake it well, serve as is.

Wounded. That is what I am.

I need time and perseverance to heal those wounds. This blog will be left for a good while. Who cares, anyway?


Health first. The rest is secondary.

Huge thanks to the french government and the ministry of education for killing all of my dreams.

I may be too old for some jobs (and I’ll never be admitted to MIT at 16 years old like this girl…), even jobs I create, yet it is never too late to unlearn and reshape.

I am weak, diminished. Nonetheless I am preparing some burning mail for all those who gladly participated to my demise.

I told you I’m not easy on people. It’s an understatement. One can argue that blaming others is the easy way out…

Really? Try to convince your enemy that he has lost the battle the war as you’re dying.

Time to retaliate. For good, and on behalf of all the wounded students, victims of their education.

1925, no more. Never.

-Over and out-