What will you try to do everyday next year?.

Simple: I will try everyday (and hopefully succeed) not thinking about how 2011 had been an awful waste (of time, of energy, of money, etc), how I felt like a slave to the powers-that-be, and how much wounds are still open and causing atrocious pain.


I don’t understand all that fuss about ending a year and starting another. Marketing screams. People hear.

The Past is there forever, the Future is there forever.

The Now (or the Present, should you prefer it named so) is constantly collapsing, ceasing to be. This is even what it’s meant to be. An eyeblink, a moment.

Why trying to turn wind into stone?

There is a mix of melancholy and euphoria in celebrating this passage. Get over it.

2011 is, in matters of structure, no different than 2012.

Unless you can prove me that I didn’t notice that 2012’s weeks will have 8 days, and each day 25 hours…