Here it is worldwide: iTunes Match!

However, this much coveted feature caused some trouble for most users, as it requires your computer(s) and iDevices to use the same Apple ID, and a great many of us have multiple IDs without caring much about which they use.

If the iTunes Match toggle (in Settings > Music) doesn’t stay on, or if you are prompted with a message like this one,


odds are that everything isn’t in sync.

Just head to Settings > Store then log out and log back in with the Apple ID you use across all your stuff… Then turn on iTunes Match.

People have been ranting, cursing, blaming Apple, and quoting the sentence “It just works” as a “phony”, yet those people did certainly not bother reading iTunes’ and iCloud’s Terms and Conditions.

Everything is absolutely clear. Suck it up, read them carefully, even if you find it boring. Respect the instructions and everything will be OK!

If you still encounter problems… Hit me up!