Would you rather read minds or live forever?.

None of them.

I don’t need to read minds. My intuition is stronger than mental cheating.

People also quite never know what they want. Sometimes not even what they feel!

Reading a blank page? No thanks.

As for living forever…

I’d say yes but there are setbacks, caveats and pitfalls.

Also, there is no way living forever with panic attacks, epilepsy and other neuro-diseases.

Living forever is, to me, awfully selfish.
Will you live forever as a couch potato? As a change agent? Something else?

Think about those you love and who love you. Are they going to live forever? If not, a “loss pattern” will repeat and you’ll be mourning losses all of your life. Is that what you want?

Granted, Death is the common denominator of humankind.

Thankfully, it is, dare I say.

That’s it for this topic. I just want to add “Focus, and you’ll know what you want. Truly, Deeply want.”