We’re not even there yet. I’ll tell you when it’s done.

Why would Ive ever read my blurb anyways? Because I care.

Why would I tell you what it is about?
Because I care, too.

Why am I even writing this post?
Because. Just because.

Let me explain you my idea… Or not.
I’ll go for not. No is my default answer.

Fuck it, I’m not dealing with something small, I’m dealing with passion!

I’m extremely passionate about minimalist, Zen design. The less clutter, the better. It has to be conveying purity.

Bring me glass, concrete, wood and aluminum… And the World will never be the same. I’m never joking about this.

If it hadn’t be such a worthless effort, I wouldn’t have dropped out of architecture school. Here, one thing more about me, and it’s not the last.

Purity. This is what is blatantly absent from our lives.

Actually, it is everywhere. People just don’t know what it is, and even if they did, they will just consider how much cash they can get out of it. Bozos.

The device I hold in my hand has been designed by Ive, and it is the embodiment of purity.

I could look at it for hours without being bored. It really has something unique, and no device other than this one and the iPad2 brought me closer to purity…

If only developers could stop creating fugly GUIs. It is a real plague. My eyes ache just looking at some apps.

Apple products are my way to a state of Zen. It’s unbelievably powerful.

I’m near the end of reading Steve Jobs’ biography. It is to me like brain surgery (and I know what brain surgery is because I lived it. Here’s again more about me, before the next revelation, and so forth).

I feel I have to recover from what I’ve read. I am at loss for words now, there’s no way I can tell how it both hurt me and at the same time did me more good than any book so far.

Feel free to feel nothing.