Most of us have an insanely wrong image of discipline.

If you have ever been bashed, humiliated, mistreated in the name of “discipline” then it wasn’t discipline at all.

Babies are the most disciplined creatures ever.

They experiment diligently, fail many times, but always figure a way out (including moving on to something else.)

They reap the benefits of this behaviour by gaining more and more knowledge and discernment. They become more and more disciplined.

Discipline is about loving to learn.

Grown-ups can get that feeling of “acquiring” as well as babies.

Bottom line is: you will grow more and more free if you have the will to acquire knowledge and discernment in your life.

Money put aside, who wouldn’t get more of life by acquiring more knowledge and discernment, so more freedom?

I don’t know any sane being who wouldn’t.

Also: there is no freedom without a frame (or it will be the chaos.)

In the case being, discipline is the frame required to acquire more (relevant) knowledge and discernment, so more freedom!

Discipline is the key to freedom!

[More later about “skills”. You will throw off your misconceptions!]