It comes to me as no surprise to have my mail to Scott Forstall (Senior VP of iOS dev) bouncing back to me yesterday.

Apple made it very clear that they’re not accepting any enhancement request.

Well, to the point:

We’re going towards a Web 3.0 and no matter if we’re individuals or businesses, we have to be prepared for it.

Nobody can tell exactly what it will be like, but one can always guess. There are hints from everywhere.

Wanna read what I wrote to Scott? I bet you wanted it.


Hi Scott,

While reading Steve’s biography, I had a vision. I want to share it with you and Apple.

I understood that the only complex thing in informatics is the programming language. The rest is deceptively simple.

Actually, I always thought so.

To me, it’s time to get rid of compromises like the Babel of programming languages available today. I know it sounds like a Zen Buddhist master’s words.

I am Buddhist.

Same results can be obtained by following one’s intuition or/and by sinking into mind-dulling, awful algebra.

I’m not into mind-dulling.

IT and computers have to become fully intuitive. The iPad, iOS5, iCloud and the cute Siri are showing the way, but there is still code, programming. I call those two “barbwire”.

The human being and the machine should be able to communicate without any interpreting. They should be as intuitive as the behaviour of the baby calf, which is able to walk few minutes after its birth.

I don’t believe that this is utopia. If one company can make such a revolution, it must be Apple.

Please let me know which your thoughts are regarding this topic.

Thanks for reading this mail. I hope to read your words soon.