Warning: I’m a Maverick, and what I’m describing here is NOT what I’m after. It is exactly what I execrate, loathe.

Here’s a recipe for being the best within the status quo:

• Learn how successful people behave and start to behave like them, even if you’re not there yet.

• Study until you drop (what else have you got to do?)
Swallow every bit of knowledge, useful or not, no matter if you really understood. You’ll always have something to say and others are not supposed to know more than you!

• Start borrowing from successful people/ devices and don’t bother creating. Make a list of the key features of them, and think about how you can have it all together.

• Once you’ve mulled upon your stuff enough, get on with your own ideas. The more weird, the better. Find some slaves who see the “savior” in you and never pay them for what they do. While they work, grab one of them to shoot a video about how great you are and how hard you work to make the world better. Don’t forget to take a nap.

• Get your video edited by one of your starving slaves, post in on YouTube and don’t forget to buzz about it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your blog and/or your website.

• Now that you’re quite famous, gather with people behaving exactly like you do and create your own business.

• Tweet and post regularly links about what your slaves are doing, but show yourself only, and something looking appealing.

Now you’re close to have cathedrals and temples built to your name. Be worshipped and ask for even more.

• Have idols made for you by your faithful herd. Afterall, you gave them something in the first place (a reason to live) so they can return the favor thousandfold (for each of them.)

• Make sure some idols are kept for sale. Overprice them.

• Get your new worshippers to shoot videos about your greatness, and be sure they post it on YouTube.

I’m about to puke. Don’t you? Know that some jerks behave like that. Don’t become a slave.