What % of who you are is genetics vs your choices?.

At least 75% genetics.

No one has this horrible neuro-vascular malformation I have in the right temporal lobe!

Not to mention total deafness in the right ear and, for the bright side, as some people on Earth, being fully ambidextrous.

Now if my medication to prevent epilepsy (particularly “status epilepticus” which could lead to coma —already happened once— or/and death) could not slow me down, I’ll be really happy.

As for the rest, I’m either too forgiving, caring and honest, or too determined to retaliate when I feel one has done harm to me. My choices are always the result of something, it seems. Kind of Jekill and Hyde? Always very passionate, I can tell.

How was I raised is some tiny percentage, but it had destructive effects. My father was a lousy one, and a tankard. He had an oversized ego and loved to be leading, no matter what he led.

Looking back at my early days, I wonder how I’m still there.