I’ve been struggling with that for a while myself, cursed, sweared, threw the towel many times, like a stupid bloke I can be sometimes.

I needed and still need my pants being kicked to write daily as I planned. I still need stimulation. Triggering my writing weapon.

The WP crew is working on big improvements (code is poetry, code is not easy -no matter which language you use- and great poetry is scarce), so please be patient and don’t behave like I did.

I’m not proud of it, but it is how I felt at the moment (wait,I’m apologizing? No way!) Angry and overwhelmed, but also boiling with ideas, which eventually turned into lyrics.

The most intimate, introspective, daring and insanely hard to sing stuff I ever typed.

Wish me luck as I’m on to something with those few words.

Back to the topic: WP is coming stronger than ever, very soon (on mobile too!)

Everything will be ironed out by November.

That’s plenty of time to write…