Just listened again to some Monteverdi and Vivaldi.

How can one not be struck by the similarities with metal music? Shred, thrash, black, death, you name it.

There is always Baroque in Metal. The opposite is also true.

Take some techniques like sweeping, attributed to Lars Johann Ingve Lannerback aka Yngwie Malmsteen… (Another Swede!)

Sweeping is easily done with a bow.

Now think about the trademark ultra-fast picking used in thrash, or tremolo picking used in black metal.

Already used in Monteverdi’s works. He dubbed this “stilo rappresentativo“.

Think about string skipping… Already used and abused by Monteverdi and Vivaldi!

A bow and a pick require radically different techniques and approaches, but it all stems from the same roots.

What about tablature notation? Used since the 14th century (in the Western World. Some chinese tablature exists since around the 9th century), with letters, ciphers or symbols.

We copied what has already been created and done. No matter if it’s conscious or not.

What we discover is new to us only. It is not an universal truth!

FYI, I play harpsichord, organ, piano, lute, teorbo, guitar (plugged and unplugged), bass guitar, violone, double bass, cello, and viola da gamba (bass, tenor, alto, treble and pardessus)

I’m not boasting. I can even honestly tell you that I totally suck at half of them, at least.

Do me a favor next time you listen to metal music: think about the Baroque era.

Do the same as you listen to Baroque music. Think of the likes of Slayer, Metallica, Machine Head and all the Bay Area scene. Of course, think about the Göteborg-metal scene, too: In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, Scar Symmetry, and the Stockholm titans Opeth, etc.

Those two eras of music have the strongest connection that has ever been.