What is the best way to tax people?.

Being asked this question, all I gotta write is…

To me, the best way to tax people is directly.

Compromises just don’t work. Fair? There is no fairness in this matter.

Having a straightforward approach may sound harsh to some, but fuck it: old habits and old customs have proven how obsolete and limited they are.

Now, which kind of tax? There are many taxes: gas, food, salary, etc.

I love the swedish way: tax people at the root. A swedish employee is taxed directly as he is payed. No need to declare taxes later with tons of paper… Which is sick as hell and disrespectful towards environment.

I digress, I know.

Taxing people? It’s time to grow balls and do what people don’t even think about and surprise them…Positively!

The more you ask, the less you get.

So, with all those polls going, governments just get random thoughts en masse.

It leads nowhere. Really.

My God, how much do I hate economics and politics.