Protests are not productive, or are they?

If they don’t lead to the end of the bankster’s mob… Then it’s just noise.

We don’t need noise.

The situation we’re living now is entirely due to the absolute reluctancy of the moneyholders to give up on the industrial-era model, where cogs (read: employees) are easily replaceable and everything can be done for cheaper and cheaper with high profit margins.

They just don’t get that the World is no more abiding those rules. The mob rules.

The future will be made of gigs, by weird people called by a quirky name: entrepreneurs.

(I was obviously laughing at those who stick to a sinking ship…)

My mentor Seth Godin wrote numerous bestsellers, including Tribes, Linchpin, Poke the Box and We’re all Weird.

The all explain in great detail why and how.

This Wall(et) Street bullshit already started in schools, when kids could still be easily brainwashed.

We’re protesting against brainwashed people who believe in their omnipotence.

How saddening is that?

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