No internet without electricity, that goes without saying. And no oversharing without the internet!

I don’t like to compare what cannot be compared.

Yet if you ask me about the cell phone…

It’s a bloody annoyance to me. If only people had something to say! No,they talk day long without much thought or no thought at all. I live in the town centre of a big city and I have to keep quiet when the end of the day comes and people are still shouting inane blather into their phones…

So. 1st: electricity, 2nd internet, and disqualification of the cell phone.

I admit it, the cell phone helped saving lives and starting revolutions… But there are now new odd behavioral patterns due to this thing.

If I had to lose one of these inventions? I lived long without internet and cell phones.
I’ll just keep electricity. There are so many devices that depend on it…

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