I fear that the once glorious and shining country I live in is dying.

France, or more precisely french people are full of prejudice, and don’t know what spontaneity is.

They’re cold, distant, xenophobic.

It’s in their blood, it’s cultural, memetic.

A country is set to starve and suffer if its inhabitants are brainless cattle.

Fighting for their rights? Standing out? Being crazy enough to make the seemingly impossible happen?

This can’t happen in France.

People here have a hard time understanding that the Blood Road is the only road.

Their rituals(I’m talking about work)are the same since the first industrial revolution.

What is not tolerable is letting immigrants in like in the 60’s, (when there were still factories) as pretty much everything has been delocated to china, india or other country where the cheaper it is, the better it is.

Now we have factory workers without factories.

As for the factories: I’m totally post-industrial, even when possible post-internet.

Why does this fuckin’ helluva country lets in immigrants set to live miserably?

Trust me, even if you build a tribe, even if you are a linchpin with the most brilliant ideas ever…

There’s nothing to do in France. This damn corrupt government shuts everything down.

France is a mix between an oligarchy and a monarchy yet pretends to be a republic.

Right now, I should act instead of writing, but… I already spent enough time in jail.

Here I am, naked. Yes, jail. Just because entrepreneurs are to be crushed. They are a threat to narrow minds.

Enough with all of this. Enough with this rant.

France is dead.