I allow me some “a parte” since I really need it. It has few to do with the core purpose of this blog, yet…

Just read.

I do hate money. It doesn’t “cripple” my art but (please pardon my vulgarity) fucks up all of my best ideas.

I’m not falling short from ideas, I am not scared about failing…

However I am scared and I hate money for it destroys true, deep and meaningful relationships which are necessary to make ideas spread.

I often need goods I can’t afford because of…lack of money. So do people I work with. We all have ideas but don’t have the money.

What should we do? Become slave whores to a boss? 9-5 again? Schlepping around with mediocrity?

It is, right now, in France, not possible to create anything of any kind without insane amounts of money and painful compromises.

I have my tribe, we are all linchpins in a way, but it’s not enough.

We can’t be “just indispensable”. That is not even enough.
We can barely afford to be indispensable for us…

I am ranting, not whining. I’ll NEVER enter an unemployment agency anymore.

So, besides leading an anti-résumé revolution in Europe, (even quite an anti-degree revolution) what can I do without money?

I even start to hate touching money bills, I just want to get rid of them! (Spending them, I mean.)

Like some saying goes: “the struggle to free ourselves from restraints becomes our very shackles.”