I’m surrounded by people always “excited”, “psyched”, “pumped” (you name it) about some event, some project, etc.

When I ask them why, they tell me they are MOTIVATED (to do so and so).

I cannot blame them. They just don’t know…

Being excited, enthusiastic or motivated are clearly distinct one from each other. Those are not synonyms.

Excitement is a feeling.
Enthusiasm is a feeling.

Motivation is a way of life.

Yes, you read well. It is a way of life.

It is a choice.

Being motivated means being under self-imposed pressure.


To make things last. To achieve goals bigger than yourself.

Excitement and enthusiasm vanish quickly, yet motivation (being motivated, to be really exact) is a way of life and a choice.

It doesn’t disappear as soon as it appears.

In a nutshell: a chosen way of life like being constantly in a motivated state of mind, is NOT like enthusiasm or excitement.

Not at all.