My technical issues are not fixed, but I persist and write.

How many folks would have yelled at an unanimated object because it doesn’t work the way they want it to (cf. my previous blog entry)?

Honestly, I have no clue.

Instead of always saying “that sucks!”, I’m asking myself how to solve the problem. It is way more interesting (and rewarding, also).

Of course, if you are a couch potato… You can still grumble and stuff yourself with junk food to tame your rage.

Hey, before going further: I am not targeting anybody or making any kind of discrimination. Relax!

Let’s keep it rolling:

I’m sure that THIS moment in life, when creativity stands out, and parts ways with all the rest…YOU experienced it.

Seize it everytime it happens (you can even make it happen instead of waiting for it).

Creativity is ingrained in each of us. When it can come out and make a change, don’t stop it out of being laughed at or out of any kind of fear.

I’m not lecturing you. I’m remembering me what is smart!

And I share it with you.

I hope I’m making sense so far. If not, comments are welcome.

No, I don’t beg for some.

So, let’s wrap up things: If you are stuck and content with it, you’re hurting yourself. Do not cry, do not yell, do not break anything. Do not be rude to anyone without explanations.

If you realize that there is an alternative to being content with an issue, you’ve made a quantum leap towards a solution… Which is a pretty good thing!

Every solved problem remains written in your “solution book”. You do not need a computer or a notepad. Next time you encounter an issue, search in your book. Even if there are missing parts.

The more you gather solutions, the more you become an expert at solving problems.

Becoming an alchemist is an art.
Not a Moz-art. An everyday art.

It’s always worth the time and effort you put in it.